Welcome Fall ’12 Sweeties!

We are so incredibly excited to introduce our 29 beautiful new sweeties! As always, we met hundreds of great girls throughout the past few weeks, and we want to sincerely thank each and every one of them for all of the time and dedication that they put into our recruitment process this semester. 
Welcome to our sisterhood, Fall ’12 sweeties! We can’t wait to show you why Texas Sweethearts means so much to us. We’re so happy and excited for all of you!
Abby Hanna
Amanda Rogers
Beth Vaca

Emily Blevins
Haley Meadows
Emma Brown

Kaitlyn Sharp

Kathryn Holmes 
Katy Ferrero
Kelly O’Connor

Kimberley Schouest

Lauren Bubak

Lauren Lipinski
Lauren Vasquez
Linda Martinez
Madeline Roemer

Madison Bailey

Mayela Barreda
Morgan Thelen 
Natalie Nooner

Olivia Wheatley
Regan Lewis

Riane Cretney

Sheila Rao
Tori Smith

Valerie Evans

Vanessa Peterson
Victoria Salido

Whitney Berndt

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