Welcome Spring ’13 Sweeties!

After another successful and competitive recruitment, we are proud to announce our incredible and beautiful Spring ’13 sweetie class! We are so excited for each and every one of our new sweeties, and we are honored to welcome them into our sisterhood. Sweetie semester is one of the most exciting and fun times as a Texas Sweetheart, and we could not be happier for you all! Congratulations to our Spring ’13 recruitment chair, Emily Linn, for an amazing recruitment!

Andrea Barrick

Ariel Espinoza
Audrey Camero
Brittany Boone
Camille Garcia
Claire Trammel
Danielle Fenson
Erin Slemp
Felicia Shraim
Haley Shepard
Jen Nwuli
Jenny Shank
Jessica Hall
Kathleen Lee
Lauren Mynderse
Lauren Venticinque
Lisa Myers
Marla Wofford
Mary Drisdale
Megan Brown
Melissa Broaddus
Nina Nyberg
Reid Fagerquist
Rosalyn Broad
Pauline Berens
Sarah Lackey
Sylvia Ofor
Taryn Rosow
Taylor Smith
Whitney Barlow


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