To India and Montana We Go!

Many of our posts throughout this month will be about the amazing trips and adventures some of our Sweetheart members have been on throughout the summer! So many of our members have gotten the opportunity to not only visit some spectacular places, but also leave behind a little piece of Texas Sweethearts.

Today we are spotlighting our wonderful president, Alisha Patel!


Alisha visited India in the beginning of this summer where she was able to visit her family for three weeks. Since she was five-years-old the last time she visited India, she enjoyed seeing the changes in India and learning more about her culture through the people she met and the places she visited.

She stayed in the state of Gujarat for most of her visit in India, but also spent a week traveling to places such as New Delhi (the capitol), Agra (where the Taj Mahal is located), and the Pink City located in Jaipur.


Not only was she able to meet many of her distant relatives, but she also got to see where her parents grew up, went to school, and hung out. Though it was insanely hot and some of the traditional viewpoints of the country were different from her own, she learned a lot about her background and was able to make a lot of fun memories with her family.


The rest of Alisha’s summer is devoted to an internship in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Montana.  She is working as a research and hotline intern at a non-partisan, non-profit, education organization called Project Vote Smart.


Alisha is enjoying living on a ranch with 40 other amazing interns. Any time outside of her full time job is spent doing fun, outdoorsy activities such as hiking, rock-climbing, fishing, and canoeing, to name a few. Within the first week of her internship she already  loved living in Montana and is excited to spend the rest of her summer there!

Until our next spotlight,

❤ TxSweethearts