Fall 2013 President’s Welcome

Hello Prospective Members!

It is truly an honor and privilege to introduce myself as the Fall 2013 President of the most incredible sisterhood on campus. The Texas Sweethearts have a rich history of serving the community and raising school spirit while creating lasting friendships among our fellow sweethearts. I could not be more excited to lead the organization this semester as we further our mission to serve and make even more amazing memories.

Coming from a small town high school in West Texas to a University of such enormity as UT was overwhelming to say the least. I went from a class of 30 students to a class of thousands and thousands, and not knowing a single soul made the transition that much more difficult. I knew I needed to get involved, or I’d be packing my bags by midterms. Luckily I learned about Texas Sweethearts by coming across their table during recruitment, and the moment I started talking to the girls, I instantly knew I had to apply. Their genuineness was so admirable, their passion for service was inspiring, their pride in the University was very obvious, and their friendships with each other were enviable. They were exactly what I was looking for.

Joining Texas Sweethearts seven semesters ago has been one of the best decisions I have made at UT, and this organization has truly helped shape my college career. We have an incredibly diverse group of young ladies in Sweethearts. They come from a variety of places, are of various backgrounds, have a range of different interests, and I continue to learn from them everyday. Sweethearts has provided me with a support system like no other here at UT, and that is exactly what it will do for you too. I’ve not only gained invaluable leadership experience through this organization, but have also been able to give back to my beloved University and the beautiful city of Austin, all while making lifelong friendships and tons of fun memories.

I encourage you to come out to our recruitment events to learn more about us, get to know us better, and give us a chance to get to know you. I hope that you will find the same qualities in Sweethearts that I found more than three years ago and that you will consider joining us.

On behalf of our entire Executive Board and Active Body, I would like to welcome you all to our Fall 2013 recruitment process. We are so excited to meet you all!

Hook ‘Em!

Alisha Patel
Fall 2013 President