Introducing Our Bows!

A note from our president, Alisha Patel, about our new bows!


Change is often regarded suspiciously within organizations, especially by past members who believed, and believed rightly so, that they were a part of something amazing and perfect the way it was. As a member of Texas Sweethearts for the past seven semesters, I have witnessed many changes within the organization, and even more passion-fueled discussions and debates about possible changes. The wonderful thing about Sweethearts is that our members are not only committed to maintaining our reputation of excellence and upholding our long-standing traditions, but are passionate about striving for more and ensuring our group remains innovative and competitive. One of our most recent challenges has been regarding our visual image and the long-running need for some kind of uniform item to group us together and be able to identify each member as a Texas Sweetheart. Other organizations on campus have items such as chaps, vests, belts, scarves, etc., and we similarly wanted such a unifying article. Thus, after almost three semesters of running ideas back and forth, we as an organization voted to introduce a cream-colored bow with a burnt orange s-drop as our newest uniform item. The bows can now be seen worn by Texas Sweethearts at tailgates, athletic events, recruitment events, and many service activities. Sweeties receive their bows at the end of their sweetie semester during new member retreat as they are initiated in as a Texas Sweetheart. While mixed feelings might remain about the bow as a fashion statement, our members have definitely embraced the unifying aspect of the bows in a united effort to have a visually collective presence on campus. We hope to continue gaining recognition by this newest tradition and to continue evolving and growing as an organization.

Alisha Patel Fall 2013 President

photo 16-32-03