They Did It!

Last weekend, a number of our sisters graduated from The University of Texas at Austin. We are so unbelievably proud of all that they have accomplished. We know each of them will go on to touch the lives of many, as they have touched each of ours over the past few years. Their dedication to The University of Texas at Austin, as well as the Austin community at large and Texas Sweethearts is one that cannot be described in words. They’ve given so much of themselves in their time here, and we can’t wait to see how each of them go off to change the world from here. We will miss each of you in our active body, but couldn’t be prouder to have you as a part of the Texas Sweetheart Alumnae.

Congrats to our Spring 2014 Graduates!

Abbey Pennington, Moody College of Communication

Adrianna Grijalva, College of Natural Sciences

Alisha Patel, College of Liberal Arts Honors

Ariel Lexus Espinoza, College of Natural Sciences

Christina Ortiz, Cockrell School of Engineering

Elizabeth Fleet, Moody College of Communication

Jackie Ortiz, Moody College of Communication

Jena Deitrick, College of Natural Sciences & College of Liberal Arts

Keely Long, College of Natural Sciences & College of Liberal Arts

Linda Martinez, College of Natural Sciences

Marissa Forsyth, College of Fine Arts

McKenna Conti, College of Liberal Arts

Melissa Roberts, Moody College of Communication

Molly Baker, College of Liberal Arts

Molly Mehlenbacher, Moody College of Communication

Riane Yates, College of Liberal Arts

Saakshi Jatar, College of Natural Sciences

Sarah Rose, Moody College of Communication

Shelby Wallace, Moody College of Communication

Shelby Wanslow, Moody College of Communication

Stephanie Yarborough, Cockrell School of Engineering

Vanessa Rojas, College of Liberal Arts