Fall 2014 President’s Welcome

“The Texas Sweethearts are a diverse group of young women dedicated to serving the Austin community and supporting University of Texas athletics. We strive to promote scholastic achievement, integrity, and leadership, while fostering lifelong friendships among our Sweetheart sisters.”

A sister is there for you when you need her most. A sister knows when you need a Kerbey Queso movie night. A sister makes you laugh when you’re too overwhelmed to smile. A sister knows when boys like you way before you ever start to catch on. A sister remembers that test you stayed in studying for and texts you right after you finish. A sister reminds you to wear white on the hottest game days to avoid showing your sweat. A sister comes over sometimes just to visit your cat. A sister knows that calories never count on: a breakup, birthday, girls’ night, syllabus week, any night out after 1am, any time you go to Hopdoddy or receive Tiff’s, or before, during, or after finals, midterms, or any test at all. Or on weekends–calories shouldn’t count on weekends. A sister makes fun of your quirks with you but always defends your crazy self to others. A sister stands by you and loves you unconditionally. Always.

To all prospective Sweethearts,

Happy first day of school! I am so honored to be able to represent the Texas Sweethearts as our Fall 2014 President. This organization and the girls in it have meant more to me than I can even express and I am beyond excited for the opportunity to share it with so many amazing new girls. 

Counting the very first fall that began my Sweethearts journey, this will be my seventh Sweethearts recruitment. As a previous Recruitment Chair, sharing my passion for this organization with other girls and welcoming in the future of our chapter is one of my absolute favorite things. I love seeing our members share their love of this organization and of the sisters they’ve made. I love hearing each girl’s special story of what brought her to us. I love seeing the pride and love Sweethearts have for our organization and for each other. 

I believe that every girl deserves a sister. Some of us were born with sisters of our own. They are family by birthright and bonded by name. Some of us found our sisters along the way. That’s what Sweethearts does. It takes strangers and makes us sisters; sisters who grow lasting friendships and unbreakable bonds, sisters who get each other through all the ups and downs of college, sisters who spontaneously travel around the world together, and sisters who are moved to tears as the other walks down the aisle.

I couldn’t imagine a more solid group of girls at my back. We come from every background- Texas-born and out of state (or country!), city slickers and country girls, various cultures, religions, and walks of life. I’ve never known a more successful, beautiful, inspiring, and genuinely caring group of friends than those I’ve made in Sweethearts. These girls are my personal advisors, my secret keepers, my shopping buddies, my reality checks, and my future bridesmaids. I’m proud to have found my home with Texas Sweethearts and I cannot recommend our sisterhood highly enough. After a wonderful summer, recruitment season is here again and I encourage you to come out and meet us. We absolutely cannot wait to get to know you! 

Hook ‘em!

Kristi Clem
Fall 2014 President

President's Welcome