Spring 2015 President’s Welcome

A Formal Invitation to Prospective Sweethearts:

It is my privilege and honor to introduce myself as the Spring 2015 President of Texas Sweethearts. Six semesters ago, I started a new chapter of my life when I left my home in California to tackle new ground. I headed for a never before seen (by my eyes) giant land of burnt orange and burning sunrays. A university with waves of students, extra large t-shirts, and “Chaco’s”- whatever those were. But what troubled me more than the strange footwear of this new state was the thought on every incoming freshman’s mind: “How am I going to make friends?”

I didn’t know a single man or woman in the state of Texas and, as a girl in engineering, my pickings for a female companion were few and far. I was lost in the great castle of Jester and I began to doubt my decision to engage in a culture so unfamiliar to me. But then, just as my life began to resemble a sad novel, I met the sweetest of girls. Rita was a ray of sunshine, a firecracker that was smitten in her college experience. Once she told me about Texas Sweethearts, I knew it was an opportunity I could not pass up.

Texas Sweethearts has been my rock, my home away from the Golden State. It has given me the ability to fully immerse myself in my college experience: to serve and give back to my community, to tailgate and cheer on the Texas Longhorns, to see my ideas and events come to life, and, most importantly, to find my family of supportive, loving sisters. This organization has given me the privilege of feeling an intimate connection with this great university. I have gained the confidence to take on new challenges and I have made friendships that will stand long after I become a “Texas Ex.”

In my first weeks in Austin, I was scared and excited for what college had in store for me. Six semesters later, I am proud of the memories and friendships I have built. I encourage you to take advantage of what the University of Texas has to offer you. Lose your voice cheering on your favorite Longhorn team. Take pride in giving back to your community. Foster friendships that will span your lifetime. Find your home away from home in the most amazing group of women. I cannot wait to welcome a beautiful new class of Sweethearts this spring. Come out and meet us!

Best wishes,

Madeline Roemer