Fall 2015 President’s Welcome!

There is simply no way to accurately describe the joy and excitement that fills my heart knowing I have the incredible opportunity to lead and represent such extraordinary women. Texas Sweethearts is filled with some of the most intelligent, driven, and loving individuals I have ever met in my entire life. I have tried to write this President’s Welcome more times than I am willing to admit and kept starting over because everything I wrote sounded cliché or too good to be true. The more times I restarted the more I realized that I am truly living a dream by being a part of this organization. It is my honor and privilege to be able to call myself the Fall 2015 President of Texas Sweethearts.

I transferred in Fall 2014 and felt like I had no place on this great big campus until I went to my first info-session. It felt like love at first sight and I knew that Texas Sweethearts would be my home. This organization has made such an impact on my life and will continue to do so even after I graduate. I have met my best friends, soul mates, bridesmaids, study buddies, partners in crime, and the list could go on and on. I have been humbled by our service to the Austin community, I have swelled with pride for the Longhorns, and I have created lasting relationships with individuals from all walks of the world here on campus. Sweethearts has made my UT world smaller and provided a home away from home with sisters who inspire me each and every day.

Sisters make the good times better and the hard times easier. My sisters have studied countless hours in the PCL with me. My sisters have encouraged me to reach for dreams I thought were too far away. My sisters have picked up my broken pieces and helped me put everything back together. My sisters have gone on more crazy adventures with me than I can count. My sisters have cheered on the Longhorns by my side. Most importantly, my sisters have forever made an impact on the woman I am and the woman I will become. For all of these reasons and more I am forever indebted to Texas Sweethearts for introducing me to these wonderful people. It is my hope that each new member will find this love and these bonds that I have found through Sweethearts. I wish everyone a fantastic first day of class and an even better semester to follow. Joining an organization on campus has shaped me in ways I never knew possible and I cannot wait to welcome our newest additions after recruitment so that they, too, can experience all that Texas Sweethearts has to offer!

–Hannah Putnam, Spring ’14.