President’s Welcome

Oh my gosh!img_0661 What an honor to be writing this as President of Texas Sweethearts. I remember reading the President’s Welcome the semester that I went through recruitment and thinking there was no way this girl is being serious. Is their sisterhood that great? Do these girls really like each other that much?? And the answer to both of those questions is yes.

I came from a huge high school. My graduating class alone had 1,600 students. I made my school small by having a very tight-knit group of friends that were also my teammates. Not having any siblings, my friends are practically my family (seriously, I’m going to lie to my kids for a few years and make them call them aunts so they think they have cousins). Coming to UT, I was putting myself in a very familiar situation. Again, I was a tiny fish in a big pond. It wasn’t until my sophomore year that I figured out how to make UT small for me. It was through Texas Sweethearts. Like with my teammates, every Sweetheart is bonded by more than just friendship, we are connected by our passion for service, our blood that runs burnt orange and our love of fun. Few friendships benefit from all these supporting relationships but that’s what separates Sweethearts from the rest, it’s not only friendship, it’s true sisterhood.

It’s so hard for me to put into words the way I feel about this organization-it’s something you have to experience for yourself. And I’m so excited that all of you are trying to do that!! It’s not accurate to describe these girls, my friends, my sweetheart sisters as amazing or beautiful or inspiring or hardworking women because they’re all that and more. And to get to be included in these insanely diverse, talented (again not giving them enough credit) group is one of the things I am most proud of. The love is unconditional, the bond is unbreakable and the diversity of perspective is unbeatable.

My advice to recruits is first to never be discouraged. Some of us had to go through recruitment once, some twice, some three times but trust in the process. Secondly, get to know us! That’s what recruitment is all about- get to know us as girls and as an organization. I encourage all of you to approach recruitment as double sided. We’re not just picking y’all but you guys are picking us. Third, don’t be nervous. We have every type of girl in the world in Sweethearts. Some are shy, some are me and don’t know when to stop talking. Regardless, we’re excited to get to know you so just be yourself-whatever that means. And finally, take advantage of all these networking opportunities. Whether you get into Sweethearts this semester or not this is a great chance to meet our actives, and the other gems all around going through the exact same thing as you! HAVE FUN AND HAPPY RECRUITMENT!:)