Welcome, Fall ’17 Sweeties!

We are so excited to welcome our Fall ’17 Sweetie class! We can’t wait to see the great things these ladies will do for our organization. Congratulations, girls–we are so excited to have you!



President’s Welcome

Oh my gosh!img_0661 What an honor to be writing this as President of Texas Sweethearts. I remember reading the President’s Welcome the semester that I went through recruitment and thinking there was no way this girl is being serious. Is their sisterhood that great? Do these girls really like each other that much?? And the answer to both of those questions is yes.

I came from a huge high school. My graduating class alone had 1,600 students. I made my school small by having a very tight-knit group of friends that were also my teammates. Not having any siblings, my friends are practically my family (seriously, I’m going to lie to my kids for a few years and make them call them aunts so they think they have cousins). Coming to UT, I was putting myself in a very familiar situation. Again, I was a tiny fish in a big pond. It wasn’t until my sophomore year that I figured out how to make UT small for me. It was through Texas Sweethearts. Like with my teammates, every Sweetheart is bonded by more than just friendship, we are connected by our passion for service, our blood that runs burnt orange and our love of fun. Few friendships benefit from all these supporting relationships but that’s what separates Sweethearts from the rest, it’s not only friendship, it’s true sisterhood.

It’s so hard for me to put into words the way I feel about this organization-it’s something you have to experience for yourself. And I’m so excited that all of you are trying to do that!! It’s not accurate to describe these girls, my friends, my sweetheart sisters as amazing or beautiful or inspiring or hardworking women because they’re all that and more. And to get to be included in these insanely diverse, talented (again not giving them enough credit) group is one of the things I am most proud of. The love is unconditional, the bond is unbreakable and the diversity of perspective is unbeatable.

My advice to recruits is first to never be discouraged. Some of us had to go through recruitment once, some twice, some three times but trust in the process. Secondly, get to know us! That’s what recruitment is all about- get to know us as girls and as an organization. I encourage all of you to approach recruitment as double sided. We’re not just picking y’all but you guys are picking us. Third, don’t be nervous. We have every type of girl in the world in Sweethearts. Some are shy, some are me and don’t know when to stop talking. Regardless, we’re excited to get to know you so just be yourself-whatever that means. And finally, take advantage of all these networking opportunities. Whether you get into Sweethearts this semester or not this is a great chance to meet our actives, and the other gems all around going through the exact same thing as you! HAVE FUN AND HAPPY RECRUITMENT!:)

Welcome Spring 2017 Officer Board

Cory Nunn - President (Fall '15 Sweetie)

Cory Nunn – President (Fall ’15 Sweetie)

Taylor Campbell - Vice President (Spring '15 Sweetie)

Taylor Campbell – Vice President (Spring ’15 Sweetie)

Mikaela Zamarripa - Treasurer (Spring '16 Sweetie)

Mikaela Zamarripa – Treasurer (Spring ’16 Sweetie)

Araceli Colmenero - Recruitment Chair (Spring '16 Sweetie)

Araceli Colmenero – Recruitment Chair (Spring ’16 Sweetie)

Emily Couture - Spirit Chair (Spring '15 Sweetie)

Emily Couture – Spirit Chair (Spring ’15 Sweetie)

Taylar Castro - Social Co-Chair (Fall '15 Sweetie)

Taylar Castro – Social Co-Chair (Fall ’15 Sweetie)

Olivia Mizell - Social Co-Chair (Spring '16 Sweetie)

Olivia Mizell – Social Co-Chair (Spring ’16 Sweetie)

Avery Witt - Service Co-Chair (Spring '16 Sweetie)

Avery Witt – Service Co-Chair (Spring ’16 Sweetie)

Kassidy Mason - Service Co-Chair (Spring '16 Sweetie)

Kassidy Mason – Service Co-Chair (Spring ’16 Sweetie)

Ashley Andrews - Merchandise Co-Chair (Spring '16 Sweetie)

Ashley Andrews – Merchandise Co-Chair (Spring ’16 Sweetie)

Maria Andrade -Merchandise Co-Chair (Spring '16 Sweetie)

Maria Andrade -Merchandise Co-Chair (Spring ’16 Sweetie)

Jacqueline Vela - Secretary (Spring '16 Sweetie)

Jacqueline Vela – Secretary (Spring ’16 Sweetie)

Shimmy Bajwi - Relations Chair (Spring '15 Sweetie)

Shimmy Bajwi – Relations Chair (Spring ’15 Sweetie)

Welcome Spring 2017 Sweethearts!

“We are so excited to see these Sweeties officially become Texas Sweethearts! We’ve been so lucky to be a part of their journey and it will be a treat to watch these ladies continue to grow as individuals, as well as members of this amazing organization.”

– DL

Danna Tao
Freshman – Houston, TX

Maia Paterno
Sophomore – Manila, Philippines

Katie Mantel
Freshman – Sugarland, TX

Margaret Norman
Freshman – Austin, TX

Zaina Abbas
Sophomore – Carrollton, TX

Catalina Salvatierra
Freshman – Port Washington, NY

Bianca Garcia
Freshman – Houston, TX

Rachel Harris
Sophomore – Dallas, TX

Lacey Campbell
Sophomore – Katy, TX

Heley Patel
Freshman – Saddle Brook, NJ

April Cavin
Freshman – Georgetown, TX

Laylah House
Freshman – Houston, TX

Alex Pitts
Freshman – Dublin, California

Melanie Quintanilla
Freshman – Plano, TX

Taylor McKeown
Freshman – Houston, TX

Krista Bangs
Freshman – Austin, TX

Catherine Nguyen
Sophomore – Plano, TX

Grace Battle
Freshman – Austin, TX

Zaima Alam
Sophomore – Dallas, TX

Emily Garcia
Freshman – Corpus Christi, TX

Gabrielle Harrington
Sophomore – Oglesby, TX

Sarah Hudec
Freshman – Temple, TX

Rola Elkhatib
Freshman – Pearland, TX

Skyler Fariss
Freshman – Houston, TX

Ida Hishmeh
Freshman – Rockwall, TX


Ashley Irion
Freshman – Dallas, TX

sweetie 24

Connor Zimmerman
Freshman – Uvalde, TX

sweetie 25

Reece LeClair
Freshman – Dallas, TX

Mariana Caro
Sophomore – Freeport, TX

Welcome Fall 2016 Sweeties!

Recruitment has come to an end  and we could not be happier with our Fall 2016 Sweetie Class. We know they will each add something special to our sisterhood and they truly are out of this world!

Meredith Knight


Taylor Branch


Rachel Fenske


Hayley Meier


Madii Poirot


Sara Cardenas


MacKenzie Palmer


Riley Nelliganscreen-shot-2016-09-23-at-11-49-13-am

Sam Gelsthorpe


Naseem Shafaei


Lizzy Dieterich


Myra Thompkins


Julia Sunderman


Tania Reza


Elana Stolinksy


Makaelah Zacarias


Thao Le


Shriya Bollampally


Krista Merschel


Ariana Borzotra


Alexa Jordan


Ally Ortegon


Presley McNeely


Annika Reyna


Alexis Zamora


Kina Matthews


Gabi Feltner


Erika Cervantes


Annalisa Scott


Holly Edmiston


One last shout out to our amazing recruitment chair Denica Amador for picking this wonderful class! We are so excited for this semester!

Recruitment Chair’s Welcome


Hey Y’all,

When I was applying to colleges, UT was actually my last choice. Living in Austin, I didn’t want to come here because I believed that the student population was too large and it was too close to home. Thankfully; I ended up at UT and it turned out to be the best fit for me.  I couldn’t have made a better decision because this school has everything I could’ve asked for! However, still intimidated by the large population, I was worried about finding my home. That’s where Texas Sweethearts came in.


I first heard about Texas Sweethearts at my freshman orientation and through friends in the organization. Everything I heard sounded exactly like what I needed. When fall hit, I began the recruitment process and fell in love with the girls and the organization! Unfortunately, I did not make it into the organization that semester, but that did not discourage me because I knew Sweethearts was the home for me. The following Spring, I was ready and eager to go through recruitment again. It was then that I was introduced to the most perfect sweetie class (S/O Spring 15) and found my best friends here at UT!


I couldn’t be more grateful to be in such an amazing organization like this one! I often get asked “Why Texas Sweethearts?” or “What made Texas Sweethearts stick out to you?”. To answer these questions, it is absolutely the people and everything we do as a whole. I can honestly say I have formed such incredible bonds with so many of these girls and don’t know what I would do without them. There are girls who I can go see a movie with (S/O to my iPic crew). There are girls who will sit in their PJ’s and watch The Bachelor with me and laugh and cry about it. There are girls who love to dance just as much as I do. There are girls who I can study with in the PCL for hours on end. There are girls who understand me for me and love me nonetheless. There are girls who will drop everything and run if I were to ever need them. There are literally so many amazing people in this organization and, as I said before, I don’t know what I would do without them. The people aren’t the only best thing about Texas Sweethearts, though. Whether it be service events like park clean ups, spirit events like tailgates, or social date events, I am always excited to go! There has not been one time that I’ve said “That doesn’t sound fun, I don’t want to go.” Sweethearts really does a lot to help our community and promote school spirit all while forming lifelong memories and I really value that.


Ever since my freshman year I have loved recruitment. I love talking and meeting so many amazing women that go to this university. That is one of the many reasons why I wanted to become recruitment chair this semester. One of my goals as recruitment chair is for this new class to find their home with Sweethearts, just as I did. I want them to form lifelong friendships and find their best friends! I am so excited to meet everyone and find a wonderful Fall 16 class!!!


Texas Sweethearts has completely changed my life in the best way possible. This organization is my rock and my home and I love it to the moon and back. I couldn’t be more thankful to be in such an incredible organization and I am honored to serve as Recruitment Chair this semester. I am very excited to see what the semester brings! 🙂


With love,

Denica Amador